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6 months ago

Planning your project

A little planning can go a long way toward a winning project. In Atlas Madness, we want to help you get there.  


Check out our Tips for Planning Your Project and the below rough timeline for when to start different activities:

  1.  Brainstorm (Start now!)
  2.  Pick an idea (this week)
  3.  Quick design and how it might work (by mid-June)
  4.  Start building (by mid-June)
  5.  Start your submission (end of June)
  6.  Finish up your project (first week in July)
  7.  Record your demo video (July 7th)
  8.  Finish submission (July 11th)

EXTRA: Email the hackathon manager and request a Submission Review (by July 3rd). Continue making updates if you have extra time (until the deadline - July 11th at 5pm ET). 


If you haven’t already, head over to the Resources tab for useful links and guides to help you start and finish your project. 


We can’t wait to see what you come up with!