You can get a headstart on the submission form by heading to your My Projects tab. You'll be able to continue editing it until the deadline so we strongly encourage you to start early!

We know procrastination gets the better of us so here's a look at the content you'll need to complete the submission for this hackathon:

Manage Team  
  • If you have teammates, add and nudge them to accept their invitations before the deadline.
Project Overview  
  • Project Name - come up with a fun name for your project.
  • Elevator Pitch - sell the judges your project in one sentence.
  • Thumbnail Image - attach an image to represent your project.
Project Details  
  • Follow the prompts in the About textbox. Use the Markdown to differentiate sections. 
  • Don't forget to tell the judges how you integrated MongoDB with any Google Cloud project. Be specific. Include links where possible.
  • Make sure your demo video is viewable by the judges.
Additional Info  
  • Indicate your country of residence. 
  • Indicate if anyone on your team is a Google Cloud Engineer.
  • Provide a link to your public Github Repo. The MongoDB and Google Cloud product integrations should be evident
  • Include Architecture Diagram
  • Include any datasets used in your project.
  • Agree to the hackathon terms and conditions and click submit!


Good luck!