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6 months ago

Get Inspired with these idea themes from Google Cloud and MongoDB

The Google Cloud and MongoDB teams have some prompts to get you brainstorming. Have a think on your own or head over to the Discord Community to bounce ideas off one another. 


 Data Disco

Uncover fascinating insights using Google Cloud Smart Analytics Platform and MongoDB Atlas. Groove through data analysis to create the most unique and funky results.

Example: Create a web application that uses publicly available data to track the spread of infectious diseases in different regions of the world. Analyze the data using Google Cloud BigQuery or the MongoDB Query API. Use Atlas Charts to generate maps and visualizations that help health officials make informed decisions.


 Castle in the Clouds

Show your cloud computing skills by building and deploying a fully integrated application on any Google Cloud compute solution, such as Cloud Run, App Engine, or Compute Engine. Your project should also use MongoDB Atlas. Get creative and show us how you can rule the Cloud Castlez!

Example: Build and deploy a fully integrated web or mobile app using MongoDB Atlas and any Google Cloud compute solution. The app can be anything from a social network to an e-commerce platform, as long as it's fast, scalable, and takes advantage of the power of the cloud. 


 AI Arena

Create fantastic machine learning models using Google Cloud AI Platform and data stored in MongoDB Atlas. See if you can outdo your peers and become the ultimate machine-learning master!

Example: Build a machine learning model using Google Cloud AI Platform and data stored in MongoDB Atlas to predict the success of a new restaurant in a specific location. 


 Search and Discover

Use MongoDB Atlas Search and Google Cloud to build an application that enables users to quickly search and discover data from a variety of sources. Show us how you can create a seamless search experience that helps users find what they're looking for in no time!

Example: Build a search engine that uses MongoDB Atlas Search and Google Cloud to search and display data from multiple sources, such as news articles, social media posts, and product reviews. Use Google Cloud Natural Language Processing to analyze the data and provide contextual search results, and MongoDB Atlas Search to provide fast and accurate search results. Bonus points for creating a personalized search experience for users!


 Wild Card

If your project doesn't fit any of the other categories but still leverages the power of MongoDB Atlas and Google Cloud, submit it to the Wild Card category and show us what you've got. This is your chance to demonstrate your creativity, innovation, and problem-solving skills while taking advantage of the latest cloud technologies.

Example: Whether your project’s a groundbreaking new technology or a fun and quirky app, we want to see it. This is your chance to show us your unique perspective!


Get going on your project early so you have plenty of time to complete it! Good luck!